Introducing a new clean renewable energy solution that could provide the "green" solution


A "green" planet - this future could now become a "reality."

John Lennon released a hit song called "Imagine" in 1971 and his words: "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.." had a special focus. Similarly, a young man named John Searl also had a dream, as early as the 1950's. John, then an apprentice electrician, dreamed of replacing the world's polluting energy sources with a "clean" renewable energy alternative. John's many years of pioneering work to achieve this objective are at last nearing fruition.

Hundreds of millions of people all over the world now share John Searl's dream. "Imagine" - no more oil spills destroying the environment; no more gas guzzling cars, trucks and machinery polluting the atmosphere; a world with no polluting coal emissions; a clean planet with no more environmental degradation.

John Searl's Searl Effect Generator (SEG) is a revolutionary device that we believe will soon provide safe, clean energy 24 hours a day, every day - a power source that is totally "clean and green," reliable, efficient and unlimited. With many years of research already behind the SEG, Searl Magnetics Inc. (SMI) is nearing the finality of the R&D stage, and will next be embarking on the manufacturing stage.

As a Director, Shareholder and a Member of the STI Executive Committee, I attended the first AGM of STI on 25 March 2014 in Fort Lauderdale Florida US, where we resolved a number of important issues which were impeding progress. John Searl also attended. John is nearly 82 and, whilst I had spoken with him many times on Skype hook-up, I finally got to meet him and it was a great moment for myself and our Chairman, Phil Talbert.

I am proud to boast Australians have been the major investors and supporters of the redevelopment of John’s earlier great achievements. We have 18 Australians with Shareholdings in STI. The next best is US with 5.

And, I am delighted to introduce more Australians to what I believe is a very exciting technology that could assist us in our endeavours for a "clean and green" planet.

I now invite you to be part of this exciting project that could also reap future financial rewards. Just register your interest by going to our Contact Page and send us an email. We will then contact you by phone. Kindly refrain from phoning us first.

Alan Fleming
Chief Executive Officer
Searl Technology Australia Pty Ltd

Graphic illustration of an operating SEG.

annual meeting photo

First AGM of SMI 2 June 2011 Spring Valley CA. USA Alan Fleming CEO (STA) congratulating Fernando Morris VP & SEG Development Engineer on the first year of progress.